Saturday, 30 August 2008

Provincial Road Race


on the positive side, Tori did well. Some serious pulling left her strategic drafter better set up for the end than it left her. But a good day none-the-less.

I can't seem to find enough good luck to get me through a provincial road race, must have used that up on the cat 3 win a couple years back (or maybe my luck was avoiding going down at minute 4 and an ambulance ride?). I also don't have a very good record of riding well when either parent is in the vicinity... bummer.

Out of the 31 starters, I was one of the 15 DNF's. That's a very La Ruta-esque finishing statistic.

I had a flat at a time a bunch of others did, such that when I remounted my bike, it was 9.5 minutes after the flat. Little tough for me to think about hammering it out solo with that kind of deficit on a cat 2 peloton.

Just one of these days I want to come home from provincials, and say that whatever place I finished was all that my legs and lungs could muster - just a straight up feel good result. I actually felt pretty good today while I was still in the race, wish I could have seen how that might have played out.

Good job to Cyrus who finished without another bike in sight, in a place with 2km of sightline. Good job to Chris McNeil for keeping it pinned, and to Cody Canning who recovered from a flat about same time as me, found a chasing partner, and came back for third.

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