Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Long Weekend

I crammed a lot into the long weekend. When you discount the rising and setting of the sun each day from having any effect on your daily itinerary, it's amazing what a weekend can include. At 7:30 AM on Saturday, I was watching the early morning sun over the prairie from the aptly named "Prairie View" lookout above Barrier Lake, in a brief respite from the burn of doing a few laps out there with Trev Williams. On Sunday night/Monday morning at 1:30 AM, I was feeling a different burn... the kind where my eyelids wanted to put my eyes out of their misery from too many hours staring at my computer at the office. Threshold pace on the bike, threshold pace off the bike.

Watching the Tour de Bowness when I could was awesome. The gang of people that I find myself around are such a bunch of die-hard performance junkies I'm always impressed. Jon, Craig, Devin and Shawn had great weekends, as did Shawn's sister Andrea. We're lucky they don't make a team omnium category in stage races, as the Bunnin's would have that category tied up pretty well. Carson Bannon had what appears to be a breakout weekend of success, I'm super impressed.

It's time to relax, it was a long, long weekend. After a weekend in overdrive and a 4pm board meeting with me in the hot seat in front of a cross section of Calgary's... uhh... BSD's (definition #2) shall we say, I need to calm down. Even when I wasn't physically at my work, I was thinking about it... can't really leave that stuff behind. Usually it'd be a bike ride until my body was placated, but I think hammering till I'm exhausted a couple days before TransRockies isn't the best!


  1. it was all luck i tell ya... all luck!

    and it wont happen again anytime soon!

    Good luck at TR!

  2. Good luck at transrockies dude. I have some serious money on you finishing tops in the ibanker’s category...