Sunday, 10 August 2008

TransRockies day 1

Awesome stage. Huge climg, great ridge ride, rough descent. Highly selective course, no hiding out there. Craig is super strong and a super partner. For some reason I was able to hike fast today. We finished 10th. Seems like competition gets stiffer every year. Having said that I've never ridden/finished in the vicinity of the calibre of riders as we were today.

Pat and Geoff did great, as did our American friends.

Only downside to today was putting a contact lens in with cleaner in my eye in the morning... Ouch!

Tomorrow looks really long and tough. BC Bike Race is fun and short. TransRockies is epic.


  1. Can count on you for updates Erik, TR a little slow in getting any standings up yet. Sounds like today was a "conditioner" for tomorrow.
    D's Mom

  2. Nice work! Man that is some stiff competition this year. You guys are really close to what I consider some very elite riders.

  3. Congrats to you and Craig. You are doing good. Hope day 3 goes really well.

  4. Hey, forgot to say I am Craig's Mom, Yvonne.