Sunday 23 February 2014

Yak Attack departure

After so much anticipation it's finally here. There was so much traffic on the way past 17th ave at 4:45 this morning as everyone was going to watch Olympic hockey gold medal game. Gerry and I are watching at the Air Canada lounge.  It's hard to imagine a more satisfying 5am airport experience on a -20c day than getting to watch some great hockey and have your departure timed for after the game. 

Yesterday was mostly last minute fiddling with packing - it's hard to fit warm and cold weather gear, bike tools and supplies, food and casual clothes into 20kg. 

On footwear I decided to go with the Wolvhammers over hiking boots - they're warmer, I don't have to muck with pedals, and Marvin approves. 

Marvin also helped with closing my bike box. 

Lastly I've been stretching and doing physio this week. I've gone from not being able to walk much and Cindy helping with my shoes and socks, to back to 98% mobility and little soreness. I'll be stretching a lot this trip!  This was the last ride before departure, the one where my derailleur broke and I got to walk this section. 

This is the first time I've stayed awake enough to see Kitimat, Ketchikan, Anchorage.  Amazing coast.  Very intricate - fascinating to gaze at just like coming over Baffin and other northern islands on the way home. 

Gerry and I are like kids in a candy store soaking up the beauty vistas from the plane. It looks like winter heaven. And we're oh so comforted that those snow covered peaks are dwarfed by the Himalaya!

The plane had Lance Armstrong's Lie movie. I've tried to stay away from the hairy underbelly of bike racing. What I saw in the whole program was beautiful riding, beautiful scenes, all marred when examined under more scrutiny. I'll take the former, and not let the whole human nature crookedness creep in. Gross. But I enjoyed the bike racing photography. 

This is the first time I've seen the Bering Strait, Sea of Oshotsk, Russian lands.  Gerry and I have been remarking on the incredible state of current technology that let's us, as ordinaries, lie down and traverse the earth in an aircraft to adventure, when the leaders whom achieved much greater power in the past still couldn't indulge in such an option. If Julius Caesar or Ghengis Khan couldn't have circled earth even with all their power. 

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