Thursday 8 January 2015

Memory Lane - Telemark landing practice on ski jumps

Telemark racing includes a downward sloping jump, which is required you land in the telemark position. You immediately turn either left or right around a gate. Where can I practice tele landings?  This seems perfect!

I got like 20+ jumps in as the club kids went in when they were cold and I could do two minute laps. I did 5 on the one pictures on the left, but the smaller one to left of chair (not pictured) was more useful as the outrun was short allowing me to actually enter a carve turn right away. Plus I could do like 4 tele turns from the lift to the inrun, and once the kids packed it in, I could carry speed right into the inrun which is good telemark course simulation. 

Thursday 1 January 2015


We left Yangon pretty late on New Year's Eve. I won't mention if this was before or after our big night of partying. Err, ok, we didn't have a big night of partying. 

Cindy and I had a reasonably long layover there. I had thought we could rent a car and get lost then just push the GPS "back to airport car rental place" button. But we thought it'd be more wise to start getting back to our time zone so we got an pay by the hour hotel.  Fortunately we didn't have any emergencies that required us to Flee for Life. 

I'm always a fan of mustard, so I had to put this one to the test. 

It was good. So was the spicy beef plate we got. The mustard basically meant strong wasabi in the soy sauce.