Monday 24 February 2014

Bangkok layover

We don't get to spend time in Bangkok. We debated going into town, but that probably would have taken 20 year old stamina. We instead checked into an hourly hotel. Even though we didn't make it out of the airport, I was reminded strongly of my last Thailand impressions. They're so nice. They're so efficient and business like. The food is awesome. 

Not sure who needs to conduct business while conducting business, but there's Ethernet by the toilet. 

Here's our mini room. Firm beds and functional, right above the airport hallway.  Gerry should conduct enough business that we can write this off as a business expense.  When getting the compact room for 2, we were impressed that we didn't get a closet with bunk beds.  

Even airport lounge food is awesome. That porridge dish has so much flavour. The fruits are amazing, I don't like papaya at home so much as it's bland, this stuff is amazing. The shrimp bun is delicious. The sticky rice in banana leaf is better than candy.  Their coffee meets real coffee standard. 

Purple orchids are decorated everywhere, from their airline logo to uniforms to the airport to our table. Quite nice. 

The air is clear and humid, like 20+C. Nice!

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