Tuesday 11 February 2014

Yak Attack 2014 packing

Gerry hosted our second "packing party" with food that approximated Nepal, Olympic viewing, and packing talk.  Good times had by all.  I rush packed my bag, brought my scale, and surprised myself their with it's weight: 20kgs on the dot.  That's the limit. 

I'd say it was about 90% refined.  I removed Marvin to save 8lbs.  But he's keen on the trip, everytime I turn around he's jumping in the bag or inspecting my gear.

I need to make a final call on footwear, and the list of things I didn't have was short, but would amount to a couple pounds, so something needs to come out.

Everytime I open my iPhone weather app it just has "Frigid" below the graphics of current weather, so at the very least, I've had plenty of feeling -20's weather, which is where Thorong La is consistently hitting for day lows (I presume we'll be well exposed to the day lows as we're starting at 4am that day).  I think it'll feel more harsh at Thorong La, partly due to wind, partly due to thin air and slowed pace of movment, and partly psychologically as there's no just going in the warm car or warm house a few feet away.

Kate and Shawn rode outside a bit and said they cooled off quickly.  I dropped Cindy off at SpeedTheory for a spin, then stayed at the back just for the motivation of a group.  Sunday did the rollers for a couple hours before errands.  Good enough base maintenance given the weather.  Aside from that and packing errands, I'm making attempts to de-blubberize myself so there's less to carry up the Himalaya.

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