Sunday 29 June 2014

BC Bike Race 2014 Day 1 - the Shore

First, we have been hosted like royalty so far. 

Then we quit faffing around and raced. Fast start, took all of a few minutes to form a 40km/h group on pavement. Not much to say really - just launched into fun single track, did some climbing, great Thompson video of a Cindy bail when she got excited to see Tara and Tania. 

Jon and I rode most of day together. Second climb split us, he caught back up on the espresso downhill, then we split up heading into town. 

Results aren't up, but we were a few seconds from each other. Shawn was like  10 minutes faster.  Cindy finished with a smile and some funny stories. She's trying to keep the rubber side down. 

We've lost three pairs of Oakley glasses in our group so far and did the overpriced replacements so we're not riding blind for the week and I picked up lens solution. 

Monday 23 June 2014

A week away from BC Bike Race

This rider is demonstrating fitness and technical skills galore!

Thursday 19 June 2014

Yak Attack 2014

Great video by G-man.  What amazes me is that this was only a few months back despite it feeling like a lifetime ago.  I'm about a week from heading out to BC Bike Race, and have been working around the clock, not riding, Calgary has been in an uncharacteristic stable rain pattern for what feels like forever now... and I really should be on a bike but I'm not.

Saturday 14 June 2014


Sunday 8 June 2014

Canmore Iron Maiden/Organ Grinder weekend

This was a good reminder that mountain biking is hard. 5 all out laps on Saturday got me 6th in the Iron Maiden. Highlight would be the joy of Soft Yogurt jumps. Lowlight would be the broken spoke head rattling around in my rim and letting my wheel get all out of round. Last half lap, and especially last 200m were a sprint for 6th. 

Organ Grinder had great weather for the 5 hour enduro. After 5 minutes it was properly sorted, meaning all the day licensees on teams of two who got to the start queue early were behind the solo riders.  Course was great and tough with lots of climbing. I was having so much fun on laps 2 and 3 when legs warmed up, sun was out, and fatigue hadn't set in yet. I did a couple laps down the blue runaround of the coal chutes, as I was convinced by another rider it was the secret time saver. But two laps in a row, guys who were behind heading in we're way up the next climb. Quit doing that. 

My wheel rubbed a lot as on lap 3 or 4 my rear brake mounts sheared off the carbon seat stay. I used only front brake save for 3 spots on course as I was worried rear brake might shear completely off.  Can't flow the single track quite the same when relying on one brake.  100km of non stop Nordic Center isn't easy on a bike in a weekend. Laps got slower too as my legs could feel that hammer finish yesterday. Man this mountain bike racing stuff is never easy. 

Got 6th, 10 seconds off 5th. Makes me lament the course choice decision earlier as 2x20 seconds likely would have meant you'd be other way around and never have seen search other. 

It's hard doing these back to back days, especially with a mix of fresh and tired legs. Soft Yogurt a highlight again today, and I really wished I had suspension today as there were long flat-ish bumpy sections.  Lot's of 'goats out which was great. Gary Chambers - man you're a good suffer buddy. How come it usually hurts so much when we ride together?  I'm sore everywhere. 

Bunnin's performance didn't seem too impeded by the back to back days however as he won. Awesome.