Thursday 27 February 2014

Sanitation engineering, riding groups not getting any slower!

Aloo paratha is like a potato pancake. The stuff on it really has some kick. Bhaji is the other dish. Rice, peas, beans and spice. I'm in heaven. 

This is my morning attempt at sanitation engineering. I don't really want the water and mud here flung into my facial orifi or onto my bottles. 

Cory, Rob, Yuki, Ayman and I went for a ride up to the local heli pad, ripped a nice downhill from there, then into town for shop work and getting SIM cards. 

Aayman on a clear day!

Yuki at the heli pad. 

Beauty dry singletrack downhills. 

Riding stairs and ledge around a monestary. 

Beautiful monestary. 

Traffic.  I think this is one of these things where guide books would tell you don't rent cars, and don't ride bikes in traffic. I find it better to bike than take cabs. Faster. We're faster than traffic off the line so we can get clean shots and cleaner air after the police controlled corners.  It feels like a peloton with people moving around you, and following Aayman is the best way to go. 

Back to Thamel. 

Back to bike shop. 

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