Saturday, 25 July 2015

Water Valley north

Devin and I braved some weather to rip a loop of Water Valley North loop. It's never  uneventful weather out in the mountains. 

I picked him up a bit late, but we weren't on time constraints today. Rolled out in the Discovery which brought a smile to my face. 

Nice roll out west, would be nice one day to do it without extra bottles weight of we could cache them at the top. 

We had spots of rain, but it wasn't that cold. We elected not to go NE to the Red Deer river as the weather looked pretty ominous. It was the right call. 

No pics on the way back, just trying to beat the rain and not let the relentless punchy climbs get us. Both of us felt decent. 

Jammed the last pavement climb and coasted into down just ahead of downpour that got us when loading up and changing.

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