Friday, 3 July 2015

Carl Strong Road bike / cyclocross bike/ Travel bike v4.0

This road/travel/gravel/'cross bike, aka a "Montana Road Bike" has served me well over the years.  This spring it got another update - all of which has made it even nicer to ride.

Version one went touring in Chile and Argentina at Christmas 2006, with alloy wheels and cantilever brakes, Ultegra kit.  All worked well. v2 moved to vbrakes. Version 3 was a Di2 and disc brake conversion.

The updates bring newer technology to the ride - hydraulic disc brakes (prior were cable pull with Di2, all that was available then), Reynolds Attack disc wheels, tubeless compatible, Schwalbe One 28mm tubeless tires, and a Stages power meter.  Icing on the cake is a bar I prefer the shape of, a Tune Komm Vor, and eggbeater 11's, and the Fairwheel bikes carbon cages.

All in it's 20lb flat.  That comes with a tough as nails frame that's coupled for travel (Di2 plugs inside at the S&S coupler), huge excess braking power, hugely comfortable wide rim/wide tire tubeless setup, the all day comfy ti fork, and power data.  Love it!  I've never ridden a more comfortable wheel/tire setup, I'm usually running around 75psi.  It's been my first grab out of the garage now for months!

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