Sunday, 5 July 2015

Stampede Road Race/Alberta Masters Road Championships 2015

First race as a dad, and I'm two weeks into not sleeping like before. Brit is a peaceful newborn, but it's still the newborn routine. 

Commuted out with Shawn and Ashley. Got there right before and did the classic 4 minute "warmup". Start was fast but I felt ok. I missed going in a group I should have. Ended up solo for a bit, then Mac Garvin and I chased a bit. 2 man chase didn't work. Regrouped with a few before someone had a wipeout and took out Mac on a totally wide, slow climb in a group of 5. Not sure wtf that was about. 

Coalesced into a group of 7 that dwindled as the laps progressed. 

Second in the sprint by half a bike length to a guy who pulled hard first 4 laps then hid from wind on last lap. 

I was so tired after I fell asleep in the parking lot. Shawn won the whole deal so we were staying for podiums. 

I got woken to be called up to the Masters A podium (30's guys). Third!  Had no idea how many guys were up the road. Had I known maybe I wouldn't have been as adamant on showing the "let's not all slow this last lap to nothing while staring at each other and do some constructive rotations". Nah, I would have anyway. 

Nice course, beauty day!

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