Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Animal Clinic

Our little fur baby had some sort of issue over the weekend. Don't know what really - maybe she ate something, maybe she was exposed to something, who knows. I ended up at the 24h vet on Monday night when she wouldn't do anything but sit on my lap and wouldn't eat.  I noticed she had very swollen bumps on her throat (lymph nodes?).  She was mute in the car which isn't her usual self, and didn't resist any movement or manipulation, was just kind of rag doll mode.  She goes for low corners when she feels uncertain, or my lap.

The good news is she's on the mend.  The educational part is spending the better part of a night at the 24h vet is really an eye opener.  It's a hard profession, as they can't explain how they feel, and aren't smart enough to really be accepting of help.  It has to be an emotionally taxing job.  Pets generally aren't big noisemakers, but it's even more so when they're injured or under the weather.  People don't say much when they accompany them in, the pets are silent, the staff speaks in low tones.  It has an air of heavyness and drama to it all. 

I got to bring my pet home with a positive prognosis.  Many didn't as situations are just to progressed or extreme to start with.  Further, many are faced with very very tough decisions on cost vs. treatment as they don't have the means or insurance to ring up a big bill on a pet.  Those are tough decisions to watch happen to families at 2am.  Animals are valuable parts of families as any pet owners know.

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