Saturday, 11 July 2015

ATB Highwood Fondo 2015

I hadn't had this in the plans - frankly the only plan this summer was "new child" but at the Stampede Road Race I got talked into it. Glad I did. I slept in Bunnin's basement to get a decent sleep as riding in the white fog of sleep reduced nights is less fun.

Start was faster this year with more guys taking flyers off the front. I just tried to conserve energy.  As expected, it was all 100% irrelevant until Trev and Shawn started firing off bullets on the rollers leading up to the climb to thin out the pack. It went from 50 to 20 to 10 to 3 real quick. 

Cindy came out for the finish, just in time to see us roll in. Good times, I think I was 6th this year.  These aren't right just yet as Shawn, Trev, Jay, Pat and Cal finished ahead.  Rode basically climb and whole way back with Hooper like last year. 

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