Sunday, 19 July 2015

Penticton Riding Camp day 3 - Baldy Beats Bakke

The plan fell a bit behind early - idea was to get up to the Bench cafe before 8 when it opened to then get rolling early.  Tour finish and my room check out had us up there in the lineup and on the road at about 9.

We headed south 45k with the plan to ride up Baldy, which is 35k of up hill. We did calcs on turaround time, especially for me with a flight home. Idea was to leave the gas station at the bottom at noon. 

I pulled hard and long along the lake south of town. It was cool in the morning, say "only" in the high 20's and flat. Secretly I already saw the full ascent wasn't going to work for me, so this is where I got the workout in. 

Turning up the climb spelled trouble for me early. It was... yes, no surprise here: hot.  My training and climbing math is like this:

320W ideal indoor computrainer 20 mins
301W ; ) the long Apex climb fresh
Minus 2 days of mondo fatigue -50W
Minus the "AC" requirements at 35 celsius -50W
Minus seemingly insatiable electrolyte shortage (1) -50W

So the crux of it is when your remaining Watts are 150 and the grade is steep and you have a 39x27 and are my weight, you turn around or you're going to be in the ditch with the buzzards on you instead of making the flight home. 

(1) I'm not in a position to argue with cravings.  I kid you not, in the 45k back from the climb which I did solo, I stopped in 2 gas stations to buy cans of V8. They've never tasted so good. 

This was near my turnaround. "Baldy Beats Bakke".  Another time. 

Made it home for one more gourmet stop, the only lunch I've had out here. 2 pickles extra for salts.

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