Thursday, 6 March 2014

Yak Attack 2014 Stage 4

Besi Sahar to Chame
60km, 3,200m ascent - umm, yes, that's about 10,000 ft up today

I'm going to call this my new definition of unrelenting up.  Its not likely I've climbed this much in a day before, or anytime recently.  We now sit at 2,650m/8,690ft.  I saw this stage before, but didn't exactly comprehend it. Like no coasting and mostly granny gear for 5.5 hours. But there's highlights - this was just amazing. Cory didn't feel good from he get go but was hoping to finish. 
The valley is supplied by donkey trains. We are leaving the bustling metropolis side of town. 

Today's photography is a study of the Norwegian female form ; )  I've been saying all year I dreamed of climbing like Kate, and today we rode together start to finish!  I'd say with that much vertical would define that we have the same power to weight. She pulled me on the steeps and I ended up being stronger at the end.  Beauty day, great friend, just 100% winning. 

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