Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Yak Attack 2014 Stage 2

Nuwakot to Trisuli Bazaar 10km group ride
Trisuli to Gorka 86km, 2,700m ascent

That was my worst night. I mean like perhaps ever. At least with cryptosporidium years back I'd pass out. I was up 10 times, and jealous of Gerry's deep breathing sleep. The trajectory seemed so bad all I could think about was sleeping till noon, and catching a bus to next town. But wanted to see how morning came. 

I feel weak, empty, etc. I will ride very slow, and it's supposed to be a long, hot day. I can't add any more challenge for my body than it already has, or the whole will keep getting deeper.  Before the 86km below we do a 10km group ride commute to the start. 

Breakfast was a half a piece of white bread. My time today was around 10:15, last finisher!!, but that includes that commute at the start. Tried so hard not to dnf. That's probably 8:30 biking and the rest bonking, seeking electrolytes from the doctors, and bushes visits. I hope it stops, it's torture. Hardest day in a bike. Cory reminded me of a guy who beat him twice at TransMexicana. He had to win to feed his family. He kept telling Cory "do it for your family" as a reminder of when you have a hard time wondering what you're doing.  Also most of the places play Nepalese music as we go by, but one had Elton John Rocket Man, and yes I miss earth, or my normal spot on it, and my wife. 

This villager who was elderly, tiny, and carrying wood on her head dropped me on this hike a bike. That's how I felt. It wasn't really even that steep, I was just running on fumes. 

There is no flat here. God there's so much vertical relief. And that's before we even get to the mountains above tree line.
Jeff ride well, as did Kate. Gerry had a strong first half. Cory is fighting something off and napped in a ditch and threw up.  

I've had three cokes, some power electrolytes (Nuun are crap, they have some UN rehydration blend here that pack 10x the punch and are like pedialyte), and half a plate of chicken fried rice, which is all above yesterday's zero. 

Had a hot shower. The fact that it's a squatty potty and shower in one hardly bothers me. Towel was an impressively light color of dingy grey, paper thin. Other rules: always carry tp, always carry hand sanitizer, always carry head lamp. Power goes out all the time. Our beds each night are like plywood with a blanket over them. Tonight I expect to sleep like a log on it. 

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