Sunday, 30 March 2014

Alberta Telemark Ski Championships

I'd say a successful day. Cindy loves it after her intro clinic and wants to do more. She was beaming with smiles about how much she enjoyed telemark skiing, and few people beam smiles like Cindy. I was happy at that.

Then it was racing time. I fell on run one but kept 90% momentum.  Inexcusable and unexplanable in flat and straight. Hmm. Was up instantly and poled for the life of me. Run two went for broke. 2nd overall!  This wouldn't be possible without the support of my goggle sponsor, Darren Engels. Thanks and I owe you!

Then Cindy won the first draw prize. 

And after much suspense, I won the last draw prize, which will be Cindy's new tele skis!  (With any luck will be in service by next weekend.)

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  1. sponsored by Google? cool... moving up in the world