Thursday, 6 March 2014

Up to Thorong Phedi

Low bandwidth attempt here. Beauty days. Kate and I rode together all day. She really motors at altitude. I think we both feel better than we thought, could expend energy even above 4,000m, but granny gear is you friend, man air is thin!  We were probably 9thand 10th, what I'd say matters more is that's fun riding not suffering. Two friends riding not trying to blow each other up is a stronger method. We're at 4,500m now an depart for the pass at 4am to try to cross before winds whip up. Cory won but is out, but his engine is back. Gerry made it in good spirits. Jeff is  making it but not feeling well. Pics will go up once back to civilization.  Amazing views is an understatement.

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