Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Extra Day 1 and 2 photos

Ger and my room too left. 4' door that Jeff's head met in the most unpleasant way. 

Our room from another angle. Right above kitchen. This country smells good out of pollution areas. Sweet incense, fresh cooking, foliage.  Being above the kitchen was garlic and onion smell heaven even if I was sick. 

Pantry qualifies as local, fresh, unprocessed and natural. Good eating.  I wish my pantry looked like this. 

Our hotel. 

Morning view is beautiful. This perked me up. I felt so crushed even thinking about putting on kit, but I didn't want to quit and a tough day riding is still unforgettable scenery in a beautiful country. 

Sort of the start. 

First climb was gentle in valley to start then steepened as valley closed. 

I was down low in the valley an hour back. Toward the end I gave the medics my camel back to shed weight and have air on my back, it made a difference at the margin. I was glad to have the water earlier, but once I was officially in the hands of the sweepers it made sense. I walked a lot of hills. They're l cut at 13-15% grade when I peeked at GPS and in that state of low energy it was beyond pedalling. 

I think I posed other scenery photos but not this one. The vertical on these "hills" is massive. Hills are bigger than climbing Baldy. But then in the back we can see the towering Himalaya. Mind has to readjust to scale here. Roads are all like marrowbone vehicle dirt roads. I think my Honda XR650L would be most comfortable transport as bikes don't get the side to side jiggle of 4 wheel vehicles... but if I had to have a car here, it'd have to be the Defender!  Usually have been seeing one per day, and it totally makes sense why. Lots of little Suzuki Samurai too. Then Indian Tara and Mahindra jeeps that look functional but look old and like the doors and bumpers were misaligned even when they were at the dealership. I think they keep them running for like 40 years by the looks of it. 

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