Thursday, 6 March 2014

Manang rest day

We woke up to our chilly room we figured would be best described as spartan. It's all white, small, no windows, and I think is a bit like a jail cell. Today's plan was to rest, catch up on photos, and just enjoy life.  This room goes for $4. 

It's at the Yak Hotel. 

Stairs are unique rise/run combo. 


Bike tending. 

I decided wet ass wasn't so hot when it's cold, and tomorrow porters take our bags again and we get up over 14,000 ft and need to bring both riding gear and stuff to stay warm after. Sunny spots are warm on your front but if ass is wet that doesn't dry stirring on a rock or feel good. So here's my attempt to mitigate. 

We found a coffee shop run by a guy who took his coffee seriously and had a few cups, and I went for a sea buckthorn juice. As we sat on the patio some hippie girl came by looking for water to fill up, I said we had just passed the safe water station a minute up, which is a government initiative, and you fill up there. She balked and said you had to pay for that. I get maybe younger kids don't have deep pockets when they're finding themselves, but 20 rupees (ie cents) to fill a bottle seems good value to me. I get the draw of the outdoors, but the hippie ethos of being so cheap is beyond me. Enjoy your travellers diarrhea in some crud hostel. 

Meandering town south, traffic on the left. 


Local energy industry. 

Main Street thins out quick. 

Gerry walking back to hotel down Main Street. 

But really, the attraction is the views. 

Our rooftop patio, Keevy, Thomas, Gerry and Gangnapurna. The scale is hard to comprehend, but we're essentially looking at 3,000m of relief. 

Very happy adventurers!

We're enjoying life so much. My real life is so distant. Days and time haven't mattered. Just who's around now and what's going on right now. 

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