Friday, 10 May 2013

Wide Open Baja day 2

Beaches, mountains, flats, missing the road and into the bushes, a sputtering sparkplug, a brokenn cv joint, big floater jumps, part of a famous race course, a failed radio and therefore no communication of hazards, and a blown engine were some of the trials of our group today. Out on the trails for a solid 10h, and oh so scenic. We're so tired.

Van driver from the parking spot to the hotel:
Driver: "Does everyone have a beer?"
Group: "yeah, everyone except ___ and ___."
Driver: "grab them cold ones quick, there's the cops at the next intersection checking cars."
Group: "uhh... Ok."
Driver: "cops will be suspicious, its weird here to drive around a van of gringos if they're not all drinking beer."

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