Thursday, 30 May 2013

Jon Nutbrown's charity ride, with link for donations

In his continuing role as a person on earth who is friends of all mankind, Jon Nutbrown is doing an excellent self created charity ride from Vancouver to Calgary, using no man-processed water, in support of the challenges of swaths of the world without access to water in the way we take for complete granted.  I’ve appended below his words on his motivations for the cause.  Good people doing good things, plus the two wheeled angle always piques my intrigue.  He has agreed to send some photos along the way, but has indicated the rains have made his phone not work exactly as it should.  I hope to get some up here if they arrive! 

His day one report: Ride time was more than 14 hrs., 378 km, 4078 m of climbing. Not to mention it’s on a bike weighted down with bags and gear and 200 kms or more were in rain varying from steady to torrential. I'm one sore unit and I'm glad to be done.

Jon’s background to the ride is:
I've been personally convicted over the last while about some of the injustices in that we see in the world.  While I enjoy a "cushy" life there are billions of people who, through no fault of their own, are barely surviving (or not) on scant resources that I take for granted.

A few weeks ago I met Alex, and 11 yr. old, who is organizing a charity bike ride called Wheels for Wells to raise money for deep water wells in places in Africa where there is little or no clean water.  I was inspired by him and wanted to do something for the people affected by this problem.

I have decided to ride from Vancouver to Calgary with no water from a tap (all natural sources) and finish the ride with the Wheels for Wells ride in Calgary on June 1st.  I hope to do it in three or four VERY long days of riding.  In the process, I hope to raise money for clean water wells in Africa and remind people to care for other people and their problems even if they are on the other side of the world.

I don't want to slam you with too many stats but here is a little bit to ponder...

About a billion people do not have clean water.

4000 people die of diarrhea a DAY! A malady that is often a bit of a joke to us.

Clean water has a social economic effect far beyond thirst and basic health.  It improves women's quality of life and safety (as getting water is often there job), it provides a more stable environment for children to be educated in and raised in, and it fosters an environment where social improvements of all kinds can be developed.

I know this and other problems can seem a world away but the reality is that these are real people that we could meet and hug in less than a 24 hour plane trip.  The problem is real and we can make a difference.  Not all issues will be fixed immediately but I am sure that we will save and improve the lives of at least some!  And that will be worth it!

Please consider this and if you feel prompted then give freely.  No amount is too small.

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