Friday, 10 May 2013


Mexicans love selling gringos shooters, because they're entrepreneurs that understand margins. They're rarely a good idea from the purchaser's side, but the vendor wins. Especially since ingredients like tequila and waitressing are essentially free.

Since my glasses were in the car that was getting the engine replaced, I wasn't seeing so well. That proved interesting when we hit some pubs, I wandered separate from the group, and got to chat with the locals until I figured out where my gringos were. Mexicans are happy and nice. They take great pleasure in singing and dancing, strong perfume, and polishing their rims. I'm fine with paying prices twice locals do, that are still like 75% less than home.

I think people can see human qualities in people anywhere, which minimizes threat feelings and communication challenges. We had maybe 7 guys at the end of the night walking home. I asked a few people for directions, but our hotel has two locations, and most people just know the one on the beach. A 20 something girl walked 7 gringo guys home late at night because she was going our way and also knew which hotel it was.

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