Monday, 6 May 2013

warmth is here!

Alberta felt like another country this weekend.  I rode both days, bibs and jersey only.  Even peeled off the gloves half way through the race, and didn't even start with them for Sunday's road ride. 

Shawn, Devin, Kate and I met at the Ladybug Cafe for some too-delicious French pastries to get our butter/flour/sugar quota met, washed down with some exceptional French press coffee that arrived just in time to have Shawn's caffeine withdrawl surpressed.

Out lower Springbank, then over to Cochrane.  We kept it good in the group, but did some hard efforts where appropriate, especially on the last climb on airport.  It's amazing how quickly you can get to Cochrane on road bikes, in a pace line, wearing no bulky winter gear.  We cruised through town and went back on the gravel road by the retreat.  I felt that with a pending client trip off the bike coming, I had to get out my energies on the way home, and worked hard to add some intervals. 

Spent a couple hours mingling in the chamois still at a get together on the way home, it was nice to be able to raid an appetizer tray!

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  1. You were definitely on fire on the way back home. Sunday was just a perfect riding day for temperature, time, people, and place.