Saturday, 6 February 2016


Yesterday I went to the pet store to stock up on food as Marvin and Maggie were out.  

I made small talk with the girl working there regarding the big blue parrot which seems eerily intelligent and has very long lifespan, then secondly the dogs and cats.   

The dogs and cats are sourced from rescue shelters these days.  I asked how long they stay before getting adopted - the answer was most are very fast.  Except that little cat has been there for like 5 months and we don't understand because he's all heart and just loves everyone who plays with him but nobody takes him home. 

I played with him a bit, little guy from Red Deer.  His hip has fur regrowing as he was bit and stitched up when found, probably a dog attack.  

So we went back today and adopted him. He is all heart. First thing he did in the play area was sit down on Brit in her chair. We moved him back then he just went and snuggled her again.  

Family is now bigger with Milo.  He purrs like a tractor and wants to cuddle.  This cartoon tells it all.  After 5 hours at home he's exuberant with love. They know when their lives have taken a turn. 

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