Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Aiguille du Midi

I had wanted to go to this all week. This morning the weather seemed to line up and the web site showed it was open.  As I paid for my ticket I wondered if it was just a tourist cash grab.  When I left I thought nothing of the sort, it's amazing that this exists.  Whomever was at a bar and was convincing enough when he said "hey, let's build a team right up to the top of that thing" and everyone actually agreed, is amazing.  

It's both audacious and amazing.  The wind gusts and high ledges are terrifying at times.  

From midway station.  You start travelling almost horizontally.  You can see the needle right on top. 

Entering top, car moves nearly vertically. When it enters the tram house, it still wobbles around in the wind. 

Entry tunnel. 

Bridge across is very windy and very far down. 

This is where you enter from, tram goes into back of that mountain. 

I came over through that tunnel to a viewing area. 

Amazing view. 

Down to Chamonix.  The heights and exposure are disconcerting. 

Cold up top!

Path down to the ski run that's 20+km to town. You need guides and ropes to get to it. 

Elevator is the easy way to gain vertical.  

From top top. 

Chamonix valley panorama from top. 

The bowl you can see panorama. 

Needle from the terrace a few floors above the tram entry. 

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