Monday, 1 February 2016

Junior Sprint day

So I hit up my favourite lunch spot again. It's hard to resist.  Commute to lunch doesn't get old. 

Big and bright ski area.  Dying of brightness. 

Lunch line. 

The Mont Blanc genepi beer in the Mont Blanc glass avec the real Mont Blanc. 

As I take a few bites, a bratty British kid throws a snowball at the black cat.  The big dog that wanders around at a sloth like pace does two quick trots, stops directly in between the boy and the cat, his face is like 4 feet from the boy's,and gives one big bark.  The dogs face is the same height as the dog. Boy freezes then cries.  Dog watches, walks away.  Cat watches, walks away.  Animals are smart.  

Jure Ales of Slovenia won the junior sprint. His skiing has looked killer all week and his last run was crisp and clean.  He accelerated through the jump and cut clean corners after.  It looked fantastic just from sidelines.  

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