Saturday, 16 April 2016


I’m not much for religion, but I wouldn’t say I lack spirituality. I just don’t blast it outward much. Religious or not, Angels still exist. I just think they’re often misrepresented. The Angels I know don’t have wings and curls and white gowns. They’re ordinary people, or furry ; )
Our growing family has pets with hearts. They really don’t do anything else besides love, and chase hair elastics.
Until now: My browsing of online personal ads, err, furry personals, revealed Aspen. I was at work, and instantly just knew. From click to thinking about what to write in the adoption form was no more than 5 minutes. That’s not rash, we’ve been looking and discussing for a while. But when things are right and just meant to be, you know.
Aspen is all heart (in fact, she’s all recovered and has a fixed heart). She loves baby Brit, and likewise Brit is enthralled with her. We love her. She’s as cool as a cucumber. Just the short time she’s been in our house, we joked already that “Aspen, calm down” is a phrase we’ll never, ever have to say. 
The other furballs have never shown such an easy welcome to another animal. They send out Milo first for recon. 
Kelly Cerato you are an Angel to these animals and giving them the opportunity for new and improved lives. Friends - please review if you’re looking at avenues to adopt animals. If you want a short story of good and evil in the world please read here:

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