Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Grands Montets, Geneva

I woke up to rain and despite wanting to have another day at Les Contamines that I like the feel of, I was advised to head higher for snow vs rain.  At least our race timing worked out perfectly.  

Grand Montets is up the valley from Chamonix.  It was snowing even on the road and parking lot, which was promising.  

I purchased only a 4h ticket as the lady said only the telepherique lognan and two lifts, marmotons and tabe were open.  I did one run off each. 

Here's the view from boarding the cable car. 

Here's the view from the top of marmotons.  I think that's a good run behind me. 

This is the top of marmotons.  

I wasn't going to improve my skiing today nor see a view.  All I could do was stay between blue sticks and do the same leg motion and hope that made it through the snow ok. The snow felt nice, but where it clumped and grabbed your skis it was pretty dangerous as you didn't see anything. Basically it was skiing on hope. 

The internet tells me this is what it looks like on a clear day. 

I drove to Geneva, then checked out those who have a good life on the lake. 

I visited this but got there at close. Napoleons brother owned it at one point, now it's a Swiss museum. 

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