Friday, 31 October 2014


TCR's fall spin classes are packaged with a V02 analysis, and the photo above is pre-high drool and sweat production.  He stated up front didn't actually need to be maximal, it was more to get the lower zone metabolic info to properly design their winter program for each person's zones. But Cory and I know each other well, I'm in the thick of 'cross season, and we agreed there was no reason not to push it to the max (perhaps save for that flu shot this morning)...

Some of the guys in the shopped joked at the suffering to come, to which I quipped back this would be the best part of my day. I wasn't joking. I'll push myself happily on a bike; and today seemed both hectic and with commanding negative sentiment on the work and client front. I stuck to my story after, running the engine up to max hurt for say the last 90 seconds, then for a minute after, but I feel so liberatingly refreshed and clear after. Yes, I don't fear that effort at all, and would take that over work anytime!

Suffice to say, my volume of oxygen uptake hasn't changed much since my 20's, which is good. My ultimate ratio has declined as today I'm heavier than nearly 10 years ago, and I'm certainly off return from Nepal weights. And you could actually see in the curve, which I thought was neat, the flatter aerobic end and a buildout on the top end that you wouldn't guess from extrapolating the aerobic line. That's good. That's what 'cross season will do to you - build out that high end!

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