Sunday, 19 October 2014

Shawntoberfest, medical system Sunday

Warmup Tubby Dogs. 

Most of group at Tubby Dog:


Cindy and I weren't the last ones standing. We departed from Ducky's karaoke since it was so close to home, and my eyes were so tried.

So come morning time, they were t just tired, I had pink eye. So I went to Sheldon Chumir. While I waited I installed a chain keeper on my 'cross bike, then just chilled in the waiting room with, among others, a homeless dude whom also rode his bike in, and two young strippers, one of whom had no bra with her outfit and the other whose bra was the outfit.  They almost left their leopard print high heels then came back for them. I mostly read news, got bored with Facebook, and finally got in. I did creep one photo of the wait room's characters.  The waits there are always interesting.  Gives me a positive feeling on life choices along the way.  Staff is always excellent.  The young nurse was happy to be on a day shift not a night shift, the intern was pretty johnny on the spot with his whole routine and demeanor, even the security staff seemed like they were very thoughtful (and they're busy there, every few minutes they're tending to something or helping with someone).

I got my eye stuff from the pharmacy and went home to observe Marvin walking around with one eye half closed and some goop in his eye and nose. So now it's vet time for us.  Went to a weekend emergency one that's open near us.  Again, I was surprised at how young the vet was (shoot, must be a sign of aging).  Marvin was good for the first while, rubbing on legs and being happy.  Eventually he decided poking and prodding wasn't for him, so he got the sedated.  Too bad animals don't have enough cause and effect rationale to understand cooperation.  Unlike my morning experience, we had to pay for this one - and I don't doubt the woman who helped us was happy to make part of her vet school bills or car payment by working Sunday, as the reserved spot right out front had a pretty shiny BMW X5 in it... 

Marvin has some eye drops now for his sore eye and some vet billing time.  You're worth it buddy.  You were so quiet in the car both ways.  We're the guys with the wonky left eyes today!

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