Sunday, 26 October 2014

Manitoba Grand Prix of Cyclocross

Cindy and I ate and went to bed early on Saturday, tired and she was a superfan all day who needed rest.  We did the lazy thing and got room service breakfast, the went out for a nice breakfast at Cibo with Shawn, Ashley, Peter Lawrence and Ian Auld.  They didn't say anything, but I could see in their eyes the "dude why"/ the slow poke here?" ) ;

Cibo patio looking south towards The Forks.  Beautiful restored/repurposed industrial space. The places along the river are either derelict or beautifully redone. I hope the continue to be able to reinvigorate the area as it's beautiful. Lovely trails along the river for running or 'cross. As long as you are adept at getting past the drunks with whiskey bottles. Bit sad. 

I just had tea as I was already full from hotel breakfast. It was good, but my only complaint is the Fairmont, a Canadian brand, in the middle of the prairie and our agrarian center had really weak bacon.  After that it was change and warmup time to see Ashley's race. I knew from a brief warmup that I felt better than yesterday. Good but bad, it's better to feel good on they're important day. Today was a 30+ category 1/2 so Andre Sutton, Ian Auld and Jeff were in the field too.  They were all faster than our group yesterday I think.

I had a decent position off the start, and sat in while guys were going harder than I could. Markus Henry was having a powerful day too. Eventually guys started fading and I could pick them off. Couple guys were surprisingly defensive elbows up riders, one was wedging me towards the stone building at the side of the course. Really? Once in front I hope he saw that when The next rider passed both he and I, how I just let him safely. Legs and lungs do passes, that stuff doesn't belong, esp when I was going off preferred line to pass. 

Riding for human rights, or something like that. New human rights museum in background. 

Straightaway ends to a right handed right after finish line. 

Fun riding the course again a second day and emptying the tank. By last lap I was behind Markus, he fumbled on that off camber slope by the announcer a couple seconds off Jeff with one guy in between and that's how it finished.  Too bad, Markus you were on fire to that point.  Results links at the bottom of this page.

I finished safe, Cindy said some others sprint finished and somehow wrapped one or two of themselves around a tree and barriers. Ouch. 

Superfan #1

It was a really good weekend all in. I felt fast enough to enjoy riding. I felt great to be Canadian. When there's dipshits in the world and our country who don't agree with such a fundamentally sound and joyous set of freedoms, opportunities, equalities and values in a beautiful country, I revel in the experience it brings. We need to maintain that and take a strong stance. The lady who's not a citizen but who's suing the country cause she can't wear a burka in her oath should simply be told to pound sand.  The retards who think opening fire in public areas on unarmed officers is a good idea need to burn in hell. Look around you and get a clue as to how good we all have it, and embrace that. 

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