Sunday, 2 November 2014

Beans 'n Barley 2014

First taste of real 'cross weather - I rode over to warm up and found the course covered in snow. It was tricky to maintain traction, but generally I like those days. Grass, leaves, snow and mud would pack up bikes, making it even harder to pedal. I knew from lap one I had a few too many psi in my tires but didn't stop to fix it. Had to chuck my fogging glasses too at one point. Lots of unrideable off camber to run, slip, run. My legs haven't done much stability training, so I definitely felt it the next day. Helped pull three armloads of stakes before I was frozen, then basically everything I wore needed to go in laundry for a super wash, as did the bike. I was 8th which was my best result yet in open this year. The conditions hid the lower power and prior day flu shot/VO2 test. Up until departing to ride over I was sleeping on the couch!

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