Sunday, 12 October 2014

Pumphouse 'cross

The Synergy folks put on an awesome race at the Pumphouse Cross this weekend - tight little course using every bit of available space, it was so fun.  I was having my best race of the year, and for a few laps where I even felt relaxed, I had worked my way up where next man up was Ian Auld... who's a perennial top 5.  Then on the stair climb I didn't lift my front wheel high enough one lap, and it bumped a stair.  Oddly enough that was enough to rotate my wheel/stem alignment, so I had to fix that at least close enough to ride.  Then my rear tire started going flat, which is odd as it has a tube, and usually it's binary, it's flat or not.  I lost several spots on the lap where I noticed it was mushing out in corners as all of a sudden I was going waay slower, then fell once when it mushed out, then had to push my left brake back in line, then got a pump and lost most of the rest of the spots.  Right-o... upper half of the field glory still eludes ; )

Cindy had a great race in her first women's open since being upgraded and was 9th!

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