Friday, 15 August 2014


It seems so hip to discuss "cleansing" these days, so why not jump on the fad. Baguette, cheese, pork, wine and French press coffee has been our daily cleanse. Some people have a hate on for, or think your guys have a hate on for, glutens, alcohols, meats, lactoses and caffienes, but thank god such ridiculous thinking hasn't panicked the French into fad diet frenzy. Comte (missing an accent I can't make on phone) is a cheese I hadn't before eaten which now I'm addicted to. It's exquisite beyond what I can describe.   Jura regional wines have been our staple, as well as Hooegarden rosee beers, sausages of all styles, and a pork roast done in a Dijon and red wine reduction of course.  

This meal is double pork, double wine, double cheese, double bread. 
Yes, that bottom one is the same meal. "Dessert."

This is French crack. Err, Comte cheese. I'm hooked. The French know how to do butter too.  Comte extra is high scoring, regular Comte is 12-15 points, and below that it's just called gruyere. 

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