Sunday 24 August 2014

Cyclocross bike. Explore. Enjoy.

Like the Blues Brothers, today was the day we put the proverbial band back together.  The 4 of us haven't ridden in unison for a while.  This flat is proof that barbed wire is treacherous to tires. And that Alberta is beautiful this time of year.

Shawn had a plan, and it was a good one.  Hang up those smooth tire UCI weight limit road toys and get out the real deal - the 'cross bike.  Then scan the map and connect things we haven't connected before, since 'cross bikes are all terrain vehicles.  On top of that, we linked in some extra single track, which earned quite a few WTF looks from mountain bikers out observing a bunch of drop bar bikes… "on these trails?"

Kate glided to glory on the smoothness of the Boone.  Shawn navigated, railed the downhills.  Craig railed the downhills and attacked every climb completely unlike a guy who's been on a reduced vs. historical levels riding routine.  Despite the fondo yesterday and soreness as we started out, my legs functioned.  I'm feeling good this time of year, and I'm sure a fall work schedule will begin to erode that.  There's a high percentage of rides where I'm spit out the back or clinging for dear life, last on hills.  Today was the other end for once, where I wasn't the boat anchor.  

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