Tuesday, 19 August 2014


We drove from Auxonne to Annecy through Oyonnax where the tour stopped one day this year. Beautiful foothills with twisty roads. 

Annecy is busy but nice.  


Small hotel rooms. 

More canals. 

You aren't allowed to leave Annecy without eating ice cream. 

We went for a ride around the lake. The bike paths are awesome. 

Then up the col de la Forclaz. 

View was worth it!

Ps. Citroen C3's (I think this is the C3 platform but the DS3 sport model) are cool. 

We have a little 4 door hatchback and magically can put two bikes, two suitcases and one Evoc bag inside (two, one inside the other). I wonder if I'll ever learn that small cars work. We also saw, among many other small car towing things feats of strength, and Audi A4 convertible pulling an RV. 

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