Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Ride to Conquer Cancer, Road Rockets, Lynne Marshall

Lynne was a friend of all of us, a friend of the firm, our focus for the Road Rockets, a client of Cindy's, and basically just a good example of how to live life.

Very eloquent family that can bring feelings to a crowded room and a microphone with ease.  It reminded me of how I was asked recently about the upcoming Yak Attack - but it looks so hard, is that fun for you?

As my friends know, and others who I've cajoled into various things - judging difficulty and one's abilities in advance isn't the approach.  I signed up - and to this day I haven't particularly thought about the feelings I'll get from it "being hard".

Instead I think about blue sky optimism, adventures with a little grit, all spent with great friends - making memories that'll last a lifetime.  Think of that, not if something is "hard".

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