Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Loving Kathmandu!

My new vocabulary for the day was our breakfast foods. Sambar is the yellow veg and bean curry with a light but very nice heat. Wada is the little donut looking thing with an orange type curry paste. The white stuff is like a midpoint between cottage cheese, yogurt and sour cream. Then the world wide French word omelette to complete the deal. Corn flakes have nothing on sambar and wada. 

We ate with Wendy from Colorado and Yuki from Japan both who got in last night. Everyone is so excited to be here, it's such a fun vibe that builds. 

Group ride into Shivapuri national park with Thomas and Keevy as navigators, Ger and I, then Wendy from Colorado and Yuki. Beautiful climbs and jeep roads for a few hours, tea, return down a walking path, mild frontal encounter with a scooter (dog was barking at me on a downhill, I went right, but they drive on the left here. Oops. I just have burned in my head from Alana that the dogs have rabies and I don't want to die; scooters no problem.  Little kids were having rope barriers across the road for both us and locals. Funny. 

Climb up to park. 

Park gate with a couple of English schools taking kids in at same time. Teacher from Bolivia, kids from half the countries on earth, all perfect English. 

This guy asked every one of us if we had a bike and what our sex was. I thought those were fairly obvious. We still had to fill out details, and with bikes park entrance was $9.50 per person. 

Ger cracking the Belgians and Yuki. 

Hard work. 

Thomas + terraces. Lots of vertical here. 

Milk tea stop. The tea is delicious. 

Mini goats. 

Kathmandu views. 

90 minute massage is an absolute steal of a deal, Thai and deep tissue. Holy cow I feel great. With great breakfasts, biking and lounging I'm in heaven. 

Note to selves:  when you break up from group and have to locate each other by cell phone, saying "I'm by the motorcycle shop, there's a power line with 100 wires and a mini market" is a reference of no utility as that's every corner in the city. 

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