Friday, 28 February 2014

Rest day

Defender! I want mine here too. 

We're chatting about what we see out the windows which is funny as we're from 3 of the most developed countries in the world. We stopped for gas too. The shut off is when it drips on your feet. 

No luggage, no bike, but a mocha with whipped cream and a bike on the cup makes a happy Kate. 

Apparently it's been cold and snowy on Thorong La.  The guys here are downplaying the cold and say we'll be totally fine. They say even if people look well dressed with North Face gear, the locals only afford the knock offs which have completely uncertain insulation and such, so it might not be that bad yet they can still be unprepared without good gear.  Apparently the guy who perished was also told not to go because he only had jeans too but he didn't listen... So is the word from a bike rider here who's friend is in Nepal army. 

Then massage time!

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