Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Kathmandu group dinner

Gerry and Thomas had a Nepalese staple - momo.  Momo is awesome. 

After we went to a dive down an alley the guys who have been here longer knew about. We wouldn't have found it on our own down behind the corrugated metal alley. Dinner and drinks was $3 but I chipped in $5 on the group tab as making change seemed hard. Someone all ordered thungba. It's fermented millet and buckwheat in a wood cask that you pour hot water in and drink through a crimped straw so the millet doesn't come up. 

The cask is pretty big. 

If you're into fermented millet, it can't be beat. I can get most things down, but this wasn't working for me, so I had an Everest beer.  The thungba has kind of a sharp taste to it.  As you drink it you refill the water and keep going. I couldn't even drain mine once.  Those bubbles aren't really sitting on top, they spontaneously release from the depths of the brew. It smells a bit sour. 

Chicken curry with rice was a lot easier on the taste buds.  

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