Sunday, 8 December 2013

Yak Attack training - West Bragg hike with Kate and Toby

Kate and I logged a slow 10km hike through snow at West Bragg in about -15C. Toby probably did an extra couple kilometers and was a heck of a lot faster. He also navigates every junction of the trail perfectly from memory without footprints even exploring the wrong way. Very impressive.

A little over 2h, warm the whole time, took off gloves for half even in that temperature. We jogged about a third of it overall.  Considering we're essentially the same height and I feel how long Kate's legs are every tie I ride one of her bikes, the snow is definitely helping me look like a giant here.

Kate was smart enough to bring chocolate!
After we saw reindeer and ate turkey meatball sandwiches. 

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  1. Hey double that will ya! 10km ... Still slow... Ha ha and how did you manage to look so tall? Or me so short?