Friday, 20 December 2013


We're now en route to Turkey for some cycling and taking in history for our honeymoon. I was asked why we didn't book a Caribbean resort at some point by someone whom apparently doesn't know our preferences very well. Last thing I need after a wedding and downtown Christmas season is more drinks and food on offer. It's hard to imagine a place with as contrasting history to the newness and general vanilla history of Calgary! Tens of thousands of years of empires waxing and waning against their equally diverse group of neighbours is hard to even begin to comprehend.

Speaking of lack of comprehension, I can't wait to hear spoken Turkish. Just looking at the place names and words is completely mind boggling. Canadians at times complain of the issues of the long US border, but if you look up the 8 countries that border Turkey it seems a long US border paints a much much more simple geopolitical situation.

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