Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Turkish Raki

Raki is said raku. The dotted I changes it to that sound.  Yeni is just the brand, it's like "new" I think. 

Apparently this drink hasn't made it big abroad yet. I can see why. It comes clear in the bottle and turns white when mixed with water. Amazing. 

Huseyin says don't smell it, which helps. Just have a sip and chase it with water. Even with it mixed 50/50 with water in the glass it is excruciating.  Hints of anise. I don't yet know what it's made out of. 

Meal was Adana style kebab (town of Adana is where Huseyin grew up). With chilis. Now we're talking. Tomato, onion, cucumber, ride made up most of the rest of it. Fresh bread. 

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