Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Koycegiz - Ekincik - Dalyan

Today was supposed to be an easy 40k. Around a beautiful lake, past some old castle and tombs. 


Going around the lake with beautiful views. 

Erik did some wrong turning at Suktaniye and led us up a 425m climb. We picnic'd part of way up. 

Then down the other side to Ekincik. The road ended which is how we figured out things weren't quite right.  We checked our food supplies.  We map read "talked" to some locals, then back up the climb. 

So we get to the top and I reckon we could go back down and retrace. But there's also this dirt road off to the right that goes the right way. Amazingly right then a guy comes down that road on a motorcycle. We try to communicate but not much happens. Fortunately a tractor with a guy and a young girl comes down. I show him our destination, he reads the map, and points down the gravel road he just came from. 

I ask how many kilometers. Guy shows seven fingers and the universiality of youth has the girl say seven in English. Beauty.  My guess from the relief map is we have to climb 200m more. 

Beautiful road, great views. We climb 300m more, but more climbing cumulative as it rolls a bit. We're in a national park. I can see the coast, where we came from, and where I think we're going. There's wild mountain goats talking to us when they stand in the road. Donkeys who don't work in the winter roaming about. The sun is setting. 

This is the most excited I've been all trip I don't know exactly where we are. The map is ok but not great.  No cell reception for bail out maps. Sun going down. But we have snacks and a couple bottles and gore tex.  A bike with a light, and fortunately my clear glasses too. I have energy galore. I feel alive. Somehow my lack of concern and excitement about our new route nullifies any concerns Cindy would have. Awesome. 

We get to the ferry we were supposed to be at past dark. The ferry is a lady in a dinghy who rows back and forth. She's the mom in town you don't disobey as you don't want to get smacked by those arms of iron. 

We were a bit late. But fun!

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