Sunday, 22 December 2013

Walking around Sirince

We don't get the feeling the pace of life has changed here much over the years (or decades, or centuries, or even millennia). Roosters woke us up. Fires started for cooking. Some construction noise with hand tools and moving rocks around.

Wine and handy craft stores. I'd be tempted to buy some marmalades but can't move them around very easy.

There's 3 kitties if you can spot them.

They're famous for marmalades and fruit infused wines here.

Lookout point.

Walking around town is like going back in time. It's peaceful. We're not stressed about the luggage, at least yet. It feels good to be slow and have nothing much to do, it's the great unwind. Turkish Airlines seems to win lots of service awards in Europe so I'm sure they'll figure it out. Seems like from Air Canada to here they're both Star Alliance but the codes didn't work great, our tickets were the same thing.

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