Monday, 21 July 2008

Physio, first ever

I attended 5th Avenue Physiotherapy yesterday morning, my first time ever to a physio therapist, based on the recommendations of a few other active people.

I have to say it went quite well. They way the lady went about finding my issues was interesting. We talked about what I am, what I do, what my history is, and what I expect to do with myself. They don't seem to think that "go home and rest" is an appropriate fix - the idea is to get you back to doing what you expect of yourself. She thought my cycling tan lines and shaved legs were good evidence that I took the sport and my amateur athlete side quite seriously.

Turns out I have immobility between two vertebrae currently. I don't recall which ones, but it's right near where I'd point with my thumb when people said "where does your back hurt?". Go figure. The way she went about figuring out was methodic - manipulation of the body as a machine in a lot of different directions using the hands as the listening devices for the response. I'm impressed with the profession, to say the least.

The solution is to get the muscles to relax, then be proactive in restoring/keeping mobility in that area. When she stuck her thumbs into the muscles alongside my spine, the left hand side felt like rope cord and hurt when she did it. The right hand side was mushy buttery relaxed muscle.

Thumbs, elbows, rolling pads, heat, needles, and suction cups with electric impulses were used. I felt better walking out of there than I could have imagined... I liken it a bit to when I went in for eye surgery - I could see better 10 minutes after than I could for the 10 years prior, but just had a little blur from the whole process. Will go back again on Friday, then we'll see after a week of self therapy and two sessions how I feel. I feel better in my mind though, instead of a mystery clouding my ability to do stuff, there's a problem and solutions (or working toward solutions) identified.

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  1. Ah yes, the magical powers of physio... I would also highly recommend finding a good Active Release person... And a good masseuse... Without my medical team I’m pretty sure I would have been out of the game a long time ago – those miles add up!