Saturday, 26 July 2008

24 hours

Team is having a blast. Weather is off and on thundershowers.

I got bowled over 10m into the le mans. Absolutely unacceptable level of sportsmanship displayed by participant level entrants. Went from 5th to 35th and got trampled, like being under a herd of wildebeast. After that my shoe was undone, so I flat foot ran with my right foot so my heel wouldn't come out. And after 600m, finished run in 7th. Without that crap I could have been top 3, not that it matters, but what does matter is staying on two feet and realizing it isn't won by poor attitude off the start.

Loop through Canmore was a burn, hot weather. Made it through first lap (le mans, prologue and lap) in 1:10. Course loop was 47min.

Second lap in driving rain. Didn't want to slow down much, wet techinical I'm usually fine at. Made it through in 51min. Saw Dallas out on course, he sprinted me on all the hills we rode together. Epic lap, I love it when it's full on thunderstorm, it just feels so badass to ride in.

John, Scott, Brian, Eric, Will and Richard are all having fun and putting in impressive lap times!


  1. Thanks for the report. Keep us posted on our solo friends.

  2. you forgot to mention that part about how you had the fifth fastest initial lap time out of the teams.