Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Oilsands Technology, Bike Fit

Today's been a big day. I'm bagged from the alarm going off at 4:15 to get me started on the way to Ft. McMurray to view/tour a new oilsands extraction technology/operation. I've done a few such business tours over the last few years, and have also seen many more in our office to present that didn't made it to the "we want to view this in the field stage cause we seriously think you're onto something" stage. Suffice to say, I think at this point still that this one has a lot of running room left...

I got home 10 minutes before my next scheduled event, a professional bike fitting. I've meant to do one for years, and even got as far as booking one a couple times, but that atypical ibanking work schedule never really cooperated ; )

This individual was recommended to me through an ex-colleague and fellow cyclist. He made the trip to my house, on time, with the tools of his trade. Everything we went through made a heck of a lot of sense, plus he had the tools to actually make it so.

Everything he made in the way of changes were what I'd call tweaks - which is what I expected and hoped for. After years of logging big miles with zero in the way of repetitive use injury, I was comfortable that my position was good enough to not be harmful, but I wanted to have the confidence that it was good, as opposed to "it isn't bad".

After the two bikes we worked on together for 2.5 hours, I've tweaked the rest of my rides. We'll see how it all feels after some real miles, but the before and after feeling on the trainer is a little more "open" and that I'm "fighting myself less", which I guess are descriptors that may indicate a little more efficiency or a little less wear and tear (or both?) over the long run.

Long day, need to get some rest.

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